Affiliated to C.B.S.E Board 


Affiliation No . 2132357                                                                                                          Sitapur(U.P)



About Osha

Memories of schools and colleges are a treasure of a life time, grownups always miss it. The students of Sacred Heart Hr. Sec. Schools are no longer exceptions. With a view to unite with the long lost friends and to be a part of their Alma mater once again, came up OSHA. It was established on 5th September 2011 on the auspicious occasion of Teacher’s Day and got inaugurated almost all paraphernalia by our Honorable Ex-officio Chairman and Principal, Rev. Fr. Clifford Lobo.

OSHA got its registration certificate under the state registration act on 8 November 2016 only with the tireless efforts of its present Ex-officio Chairman and Principal, Honorable Rev. Fr. Denis Naresh Lobo. He actually initiated the registration process and took all the pain to get it done. OSHA with all its members pay its gratitude to him for this valuable effort.

Main Objectives of OSHA

  1. To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the Alma Mater.
  2. To encourage the formation of chapters to increase participation of Alumni.
  3. To encourage the Alumni to take the abiding interest in the progress and development of the Alma Mater.
  4. To sponsor, assist, guidance or counseling or vocational training or to grant individual sponsorship and scholarships for poor and needy students of the institution.
  5. To undertake all such lawful activities those are conductive to the attainment of the above objectives.
  6. To generate corpus at the Sacred Heart Hr. Sec. School for creating better educational and other allied recreational facilities for the college community.
  7. To exchange professional knowledge, organize technical conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses.
  8. To generate financial help for the retired teachers and college mates who are financial distress.
  9. Any other objective which shall be determined with the consent to the Governing council.


  1. Mr. Piyush Srivastava – President
  2. Mr. Shikhar Khetan – Secretary
  3. Mr. Jitendra Verma – Treasurer
  4. Mr. Harish Rastogi
  5. Mr. Yashwant Singh
  6. Mr. Priyadarshan Mehrotra
  7. Mr. Nisheeth Rastogi
  8. Mr. Yatish Gupta
  9. Mr. Laudeep Rai
  10. Mr. Prasoon Srivastava
  11. Mrs. Seema Johari
  12. Mrs. Roli Singh